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Lenovo Legion Go 8.8" 144Hz WQXGA Handheld Touchscreen Gaming PC.

Lenovo Legion Go 8.8" 144Hz WQXGA Handheld Touchscreen Gaming PC.

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With the Lenovo Legion Go, mobile gaming reaches extraordinary heights. Our exceptional 8.8" 2560x1600 Lenovo PureSight Gaming display engulfs you in immersive visuals. You can dynamically tailor visual precision from 1600p to 800p, or adjust the refresh rate between a speedy 144Hz and an energy-saving 60Hz. All this comes to life on a responsive 10-point touchscreen. Game Your Way, Any Way Experience unrivaled versatility with Legion Go, the ultimate flexible gaming tool. Go handheld for on-the-go gaming. Or, connect your Legion Go to your favorite monitor and settle in with ergonomically crafted controllers for a relaxing yet immersive gaming session. FPS mode, paired with the included controller base, offers tailored precision, with the left side as WASD keys and the right side as a vertical mouse for enhanced aiming. Explore new realities with Legion Glasses compatibility*, enabling you to game in the most comfortable way possible. Legion Go caters to every gaming need, offering unmatched flexibility for your gaming pursuits. Master every move Legion Go's hall effect joysticks are RGB-lit trailblazers, leaving traditional joysticks behind. Say goodbye to joystick drift and hello to enduring, responsive control. Our detachable Legion TrueStrike controllers are designed for comfort and precision, with features like anti-slip texture, mappable controls, and an integrated trackpad. Transition smoothly from PC to handheld gaming, and for FPS enthusiasts, enjoy precise control with our unique FPS mode and included controller base. Thanks to our ergonomic design, game longer without discomfort. With Legion Go, play like a pro. Enter the gamer-verse Legion Space empowers the relentless gam

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