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Devo Gaming Table - AGR

Devo Gaming Table - AGR

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Devo Gaming Table - AGR

Experience the future of gaming tables with the Devo Gaming Table - AGR. This table isn't just a piece of furniture, it's a gaming revolution. Crafted with a unique design and packed with features, it provides the ultimate gaming environment for both casual and professional gamers.

Product Description

The Devo Gaming Table - AGR is a marvel of technological innovation and ergonomic design. The table is crowned with a stunning carbon fiber top that isn't just sleek and modern, but also incredibly durable and long-lasting. It features a hidden drawer for discreet storage and a height-adjustable desk that can alter the table's stature from a comfortable 72 cm to a towering 118 cm.

Adding to its charm are the vibrant RGB lights on the sides of the table, creating an immersive gaming atmosphere. With built-in USB-C and USB-A chargers, you'll never have to worry about your devices running out of power mid-game. The Devo Gaming Table is also remarkably easy to fix, making it a hassle-free addition to your gaming setup.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Top: The table boasts a high-quality carbon fiber top that is not only aesthetically appealing but also extremely durable, ensuring the table will remain in top condition even after heavy use.

  • Hidden Drawer: A discreet hidden drawer provides convenient storage for your gaming accessories, keeping your gaming space neat and organized.

  • Height-Adjustable Desk: The table's height can be easily adjusted, allowing you to set the table at the perfect height for maximum gaming comfort.

  • RGB Lights: The table features RGB lights on the sides, adding an immersive element to your gaming experience.

  • Built-in Chargers: With built-in USB-C and USB-A chargers, you can keep your devices powered up without having to leave your gaming session.

  • Easy fixing: The Devo Gaming Table is designed for easy fixing, ensuring that any mishaps won't keep you away from your game for long.

Elevate your gaming experience with the Devo Gaming Table - AGR. It's more than just a table, it's a gaming partner that understands your needs and enhances your performance.

Table Dimension:

Hight: 72cm to 118cm

Width: 120cm

Length: 60cm

Table top thickness:  5.7cm

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